Attractive Ideas for Small Square Coffee Table

small square coffee table

Area with four sides at the same length is the definition of square. It is geometrical object that’s popular in every part of life. One of examples is small square coffee table. You are surely familiar with coffee table which is usually in living room. Square form of table creates simple design, but very expressive. Several ideas are available to explore more about square shape of coffee table.

small square coffee table

Simple small square coffee table might be very popular. The table consists of tabletop and four stands. Enhancing artistic side comes from materials. You may pick unique design with engraved pattern. Traditional table always has intrinsic value related to culture and custom. You may see natural pattern such as animal and tree alongside the table stands.

Let’s see one of recommended designs to put for contemporary living room. It is called pagoda style. The table is designed in four parts, which look like small pagoda. Start from below; you will see square stand and the smallest part at all. This stand keeps upper parts on stable position. On top of this part is square form but thinner than below part. For your information, this is like surface to cover stand. On top of the second part is long square box as extended part of first part. It has height to reach tabletop. Of course, the last part is tabletop. Well, the overall color is dark or black.

small square coffee table

Small Square Coffee Table Function

Coffee table is furniture with dual aspects to look forward. People put it to fulfill practical aspect and increase the room atmosphere at the same time. Another design is table with drawer or storage. Small square coffee table looks impressive with small drawer under tabletop. Why coffee table does has drawer? You may store stuffs that are essential such as small notebook, pen, and pencil, even kitchen utensil such as spoon, cup, and glass. The last ones might be rare, but some people try to put these utensils to save the time. Instead of going into kitchen, it is better to get a cup directly from drawer under tabletop. As long as they are clean and hygiene, such function is acceptable.

small square coffee table

Full storage mode is called truck, but the table still retains the stands to make distinction. It is similar to ottoman bench, but only in coffee table mode. It has latches to open the tabletop. This kind of furniture is suitable for old style which looks like a treasure chest. From many designs and ideas, you just need to pick one of them that suits with your small square coffee table.

small square coffee table small square coffee table small square coffee table small square coffee table small square coffee table small square coffee table small square coffee table small square coffee table

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