A Simple Way to Learn How to Make Concrete Countertops

how to make concrete countertops

Before you make the first concrete countertops, you need to learn how to make concrete countertops if you don’t want to ruin it. You need to prepare all the equipment to make this stuff, such as a casting table, countertop molds, a concrete mixer, concrete countertop mix, materials for reinforcing, and much more. After you have everything you need, just begin your work.

Easy Steps How to Make Concrete Countertops

First step you need to measure is the length and wide of countertops. It must fit the kitchen size, and the style should be adjusted to kitchen equipment. After doing all the measurement, you can begin to create mold. The mold should be well-built. You can use one inch melamine particleboard to make mold and don’t forget to make sides of it. A support frame is also important in this step because the concrete you will pour into it is heavy and you don’t want the mold to bend (it will make your countertops shapes bad).

After finishing the mold, you can mix the concrete until it is in the perfect mix. Pour it slowly in the mold. After the concrete dry and hard, remove the mold carefully. You might need someone else to help you. Polishing it is a part of how to make concrete countertops surface smooth, and then you can install it in the kitchen.

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