How Much Concrete Countertops Cost?

concrete countertops cost

If you count how much it cost to make a concrete countertop, the expenditure mostly comes from material and purchasing the tools. At least you should know the price of the material. Moreover, you also need to buy board, nail, and glue to make the mold. In addition, concrete countertops cost also includes the cost to buy equipment. Well, if you add up a ceramic or granite for tabletop, you might spend more money. In this case, it will be more affordable if you make the concrete countertop by yourself, so there is no budget of professional worker cost for this. If you use help from some professional, you should prepare more budget.

Concrete Countertops Cost Range

For the estimation, the concrete countertops cost range is at $100 – $130. It will cost more if you want to add some customizations and details. However, the solid concrete countertops have lots of benefits; it is durable, not easy damaged and easy to clean. Before making the countertops, don’t forget to consider the design based on your budget and preference. Make sure it is suited well with your kitchen concept and theme. Besides considering the function and durability, you also need to focus on its aesthetic aspect. How about concrete countertops diy? < link.

concrete countertops cost



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