Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Features and Appearances

In every kitchen, cabinetry has become an inseparable part. It clearly shows how significant the importance of the cabinets. Styling of the cabinet is varying including the antique white kitchen cabinets. This styling has been everyone’s favorite for few centuries. Of course, there is a reason behind it. None would have chosen a particular color for cabinet without considering anything.

antique white kitchen cabinets

Basically, white represents a neutral color that can be fitted into any kitchen styles. It perfectly fits modern, contemporary, minimalist, traditional, antique and classic kitchen. This color beautifully creates the dreamy vibe for your kitchen. At the same time, it also offers an excellent way to calm hectic space.

antique white kitchen cabinets

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Mixture

Antique white doesn’t mean the white should be looking old and outdated. Instead, it can be shiny and glossy with the use of faux finishes in order to enhance the look. You should know that antique white kitchen cabinets do not refer to only one choice of color and shading. It refers to various shades to choose from. What you have to do is to find the right shade to complement your existing kitchen style. For instance, you need white that feels cold or stark for your modern kitchen space. Meanwhile, antique shades work the best for your country or vintage style kitchen.

Consider the existing furniture and colors in the kitchen so you can choose the right white that works very well with other elements. There are two techniques you can apply to achieve different effect for your antique white kitchen cabinets. They are distressing and glazing. These two techniques mean injecting a little color to the white cabinet.

The most popular colors include soft green, yellow, blue, gray and beige. The glazing technique requires you to choose the preferred glaze mixture. Then, you brush it onto the cabinets by using foam or paint brush. This technique needs repetition until you get the desired look. Usually, it takes a few hours to perform the brushing.

antique white kitchen cabinets

antique white kitchen cabinets

Meanwhile, the distressing technique aims to give older look to your chosen cabinets. By applying this technique, your cabinet will appear shabby and beautiful. Usually, it involves lines and indentations. This way, the cabinets look like it has imperfections that basically make them look more beautiful. The sanding effect is also available to give the cabinets a worn appearance. Now that you have several choices of effects to be added to your antique white kitchen cabinets, your cabinetry will certainly be more outstanding.

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