Natural Interior Decor Concept with Indoor Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Adding decorative plants into a room is another brilliant way to create a natural interior decor. Palms have been favorite plants to choose as room decoration due to their beautiful appearance, giving unique and different looks to the room. Indoor palm trees don’t require complicated maintenance. There are a variety of indoor palm that are usually chosen to decorate spaces. Rhapis exelsa which is also known as the lady palm is one of the most popular palms among ornamental plants lovers. The special characteristics of this palm include its stocky figure and lush leaves. The fan-shaped leaves add its artistic look.

For a small or narrow space, chamaedorea palm is recommended. It becomes favorite ornamental plant due to its small figure, so it doesn’t take space. The shape is simple, giving an elegant impression. Its growth is relatively slow, even tends to look like a dwarfed plant. This palm is durable, loves shady place. Therefore, indoor area is the best place. With a tiny shape, this palm is suitable to be placed along the edge of a room.

Another recommended indoor palm is Phoenix roebelenii. Its common name is Pygmy date palm. Its graceful figure with dangling dark green leaves becomes the main attraction. This Chinese palm has solitary slender trunk, really adorable to decorate dining room, living room, and home office. Indoor palm trees are recommended to be parts of interior decor for any type of space.

Indoor Palm Trees Ideas

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