Steps You Need to Know in Making DIY Wood Countertops

Wood Countertops

Changing kitchen countertops to be natural wood might be the next big project to do. Just transform your countertops to a wooden one to make the kitchen look nice and classic. Well, these are some steps to making DIY wood countertops. To begin the project, you need all the stuff and tools for carpentry. Prepare all the tools and materials like your desired butcher block, tape measure, pencil, etc.

After preparing all the things you need for the process, you can start to make your own wood countertops. The first step is you need to measure the dimension of countertops. Measure it using a tape measure and mark it with pencil. After you get the measurement, cut the wood in the same size. You can round the edge, but it is only optional. Moreover, if you want a sink, just cut a hole in it.

Next, sand the wood to make smooth surface. Wipe it with cotton afterward to remove the dirt. Apply some safe food oils such as mineral oil or hemp. For DIY wood countertops, you can also apply marine finish to the wood to make it waterproof. Furthermore, just install it in your countertops, and then secure it with screws.

Wood Countertops Ideas

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Wood Countertops 1

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