Installation of Window Treatments for Bay Windows

window treatments

Bay window is often associated with Victorian houses or houses with classical theme. It is indeed able to beautify the whole house. The problem that often happens on this concept is on the installation of window treatments for bay windows. As you can see, bay window has different design than conventional window. Dimensional window is often comes in two dimensions. Meanwhile, the bay window is at three dimensions. Therefore, the installation of window treatments for this type classic window is slightly different with the procedure on conventional window. In this article, we are going to talk about the procedure on how to install the window treatments into your bay windows.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay windows come in different styles. The styles of bay windows are often influenced by the entire interior of the house. Regardless the styles incorporated by any bay windows, they follow the same rule. The bay windows are divided into few sections of conventional window. The amount of this section is preferably three to five depending on the space available. You can consider each section as a conventional window. Therefore, you can install the window treatments for bay windows as with the same installation method as you install it on conventional windows.

window treatments

Begin this installation process with installing the bar on top of the bay window sections. This bar is most likely made out of metal. This metal bar serves as the railing for your window treatments. After the installation of the metal bar is complete, you can continue the procedure by installing the curtain. Different types of curtain have different installation as well. Most of them only require you to feed the metal bar into the hole on the curtain. After that, you need to check whether it works or not by closing and opening the curtain. By following the tutorial above the window treatments for bay windows on your home will be installed perfectly.

window treatments

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