The Easy Ways for Staining Hardwood Floors

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When your hardwood floors indicate the signs of old age or maybe flawed, you might want to stain it. Here are some easy ways in staining hardwood floors you should know. When you ready to make the floor looks new again, you must prepare some stuff to make your work easier. They include floor sander, rag, vacuum, mop, paintbrush, sponge, and bucket. Moreover, you also need to prepare wood stain and polyurethane. First of all, begin it with sanding the floor completely. Don’t forget to use respirator mask if you don’t want to inhale the dust. After you finish the sanding, clean up the dust with a vacuum. Make sure all the dust was gone and the floor is clean.

The next thing is you need to mop the floor with water. Mop the floor is not only to clean the remaining dust, but also to moisturize it. Therefore, it will make the wood accept the stain better. You can begin staining hardwood floors with rag or sponge. Don’t let the stain pool on the floor; just work from side to side of the room. Let the stain dry and after it, you can begin to brush polyurethane. Work carefully and diligently. After everything is done, you can enjoy the new look of your floor.

Staining Hardwood Floors Ideas

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