How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace for Permanent Utilization

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Most of people enjoy having party and event at outdoor. In this case, fireplace should be on of essential thing to have. How to build an outdoor fireplace? There are many things to put into consideration before making this stuff such as the size, cost, time, and skill. It is not easy task, but it is possible to finish after you understand it step by step.

Prepare the location to build this fireplace. Make planning for the design, size, material, etc. You can create simple fireplace with box shape design and long chimney at the top. Before designing, consider environmental aspect, so fireplace does not place the area. Isolate the spot then start to make concrete foundation. You can use stone and red brick to create this permanent fireplace. After the foundation is ready, add brick one by one and keep the front side open. Do not forget to add hole at the top for chimney.

What is the size for outdoor fireplace? This thing should be high more than two meters with closed system. It is like tube in rectangular or long box shape. Open area at bottom is a place to fire. Moreover, the smoke will go to the top then exhale out of chimney. Having height more than three meters is more preferable in order to prevent smoke to disturb airflow around environment. After the fireplace is done, wait for one week before utilizing it to make sure that everything is ready. That’s all you need to know about how to build an outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Plans for Any Purpose

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