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Creating Polished Concrete Floors on Your Own

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Ever heard about polished concrete? It’s an alternate flooring material to replace the conventional floor covering. As choosing the best materials for the house is a must, this one should be your consideration. Its resilience characteristic can definitely help with your saving. So, you won’t have to spend your earned money to fix damaged house

The Thing You Should Know about Metal House Plans

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Using metal for building is not new thing. As you know, metal is very solid and bold to use. Therefore, it is suitable to construct foundation and wall. However, metal has one thing that makes it impossible to apply as residential area. That’s why you need to know few things before applying metal house plans.

Considering Container Home Plans

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Container home is a home with the steel intermodal shipping container as the main element of the constructions. Making container home plans are really good ideas before getting down to the execution. The use of container materials has been increasing due to the strength, availability and low expenses. There are many advantages and disadvantages of

Cabinet Design Software Features

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When it comes to designing cabinets, we used to count on professional designers. We know that it is really time-consuming. As the advancement of technology moves forward unstoppably. With that way, one of products of technology has turned up in the forms of cabinet design software. Which allows us to create any cabinet on our own. This

Inspiring Beautiful Small Barn Homes

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Small barn homes can be interesting from some aspects. They are obviously built with several materials that close to sustainability concept. For those with tendency to be closed or “blend” with nature, everything related to these homes is honest and straight, beautiful and soothing.  The characteristic of a barn home, whether it is a traditional barn