How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress.

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WordPress is one of the most popular web based content management system which allows you to build websites and blogs. WordPress comes with powerful add-ons i.e. woo commerce that makes it even more powerful and appealing to the ecommerce customers. WooCommerce as the name implies allows you to build ecommerce stores. WooCommerce allows WordPress users to take advantage of Amazon affiliate program to earn money from their existing platforms.
Amazon is one of the largest online shopping stores that has developed a robust affiliate system which allows third party vendors and user to advertise and refer amazon products on their platforms and earn money through commission on each sale. I am not going to discuss the business model of affiliate program but instead I will focus on setting up the system on your WordPress website. You can read about the business model on amazon affiliate website.
You can setup an affiliate program in following steps
⦁ Setting up a webhosting account.
⦁ Hosting your WooCommerce store online.
⦁ Setting up an account on Amazon account.
⦁ Adding Amazon products to you WooCommerce store.

  1. Setting Up a Webhosting account
    Setting up a webhosting account is fairly simple all that you need is to subscribe to a monthly or a yearly hosting plan from a webhosting company. There are many options available in the market like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost etc. You can visit their respective website to know more about the pricing and the features they offer. The only important thing that you need to know is that you must buy a plan that supports WordPress. For details you can refer to this article How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?
  2. Setting up WooCommerce on Hosting Account
    After purchasing an appropriate plan all that you need is to setup your WooCommerce Store online. Fortunately due to the immense popularity of WordPress almost every web hosting company provides built in support for WordPress. For example GoDaddy provides you an Auto Installer that can help you to install WordPress in just a few clicks. The following pictures illustrate the concept.

You just need to click on WordPress and you are good to go. Since this article is not about installing WordPress so I won’t be diving into the details. You can refer to this article” how to install WordPress “ in case you need to know more about installation.

  1. Signing up for an Amazon Affiliate Account.
    The second step to sign up for an amazon affiliate program. You can do this by visiting and clicking on “Join Now for Free” button. This procedure is relatively simple and similar to signing up for any other service like Facebook or Twitter.

On clicking Join now for Free you will be redirected to a sign up page. On clicking create your account you will be asked to provide your personal information and credit card details.

On successful completion your application will be reviewed and if everything goes well your account will be approved.

  1. Adding products to you WooCommernce Store
    Adding products is relatively simple in WordPress. You that you need to do is to login to your WordPress Panel and click on Add New button under products Tab.

On click add new you will be shown the following screen

The most important thing here is the Product URL. To get the Product URL you have to visit you amazon affiliate dashboard and search the desired product. A relevant list will be shown with a Get Link button in line with every product. You can simply click on Get link button for the Product URL

Fill in rest of the fields commensurate with you product features and click publish. You must not enter price because Amazon’s affiliate program policies do not allow you to manually enter price information. The product will be published on your store and your users will be able to view the product. You will have to repeat step 4 for every new product that you need to add.

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