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The best Page Builder of wordpress – Beaver Builder

In this modern age, building website is getting easier day by day. WordPress with its custom plugins made it so easy for people with less development knowledge to create some amazing content driven websites and blogs. It’s elegant and intuitive interface made building and editing a company’s WordPress pages a breeze without touching a line of code. With beaver builder anyone can easily create columns, perfectly positioned imaged and text. It also includes dozens of beautiful templates which makes designing easy you can quickly publish it. Just choose the template and swap up or select the images with your own and you are done.
It is easy to use than most of the builders available in the market so that people with less development knowledge can even use it to make amazing pages and designs. For example, A travel photographer cannot afford to spend plenty of time to learn the development tools, he had to hire a developer to look at his websites/blogs/portfolios but with Beaver Builder, he is at the ease and spending little time can benefit him with some great responsive designs and his pages are going to be unique and different.

The thing that differentiates Beaver Builder from its competition is that it is a lot faster.
There are some complications which some users normally face when they drag and drop the elements, the width increases or decreases intentionally but those are minor problems and can be fixed with a little help.
Some alternatives are cheaper to purchase and I also felt like the content modules look quite plain but overall, it’s one of the best tool available in the market.
Beaver Builder is a WordPress Plugin for developers, designers and does it your selves to craft and design their WordPress sites using this drag and drop plugin.

Main functions of Beaver Builder Page
Beaver Builder has main functions which help the user in two ways:
⦁ The features allow the users to develop and create a new website.
⦁ The feature allows the existing users to upgrade and update their websites.

Beaver Builder Features
Templates and Layouts:

Its templates and modules are completely accessible as long you are using a flexible theme any page which is build up with beaver builder will look great on your desktop, phone, and a tablet. As you know this offers you inbuilt system for page templates so that the user can take advantage of this.

Backup and editing options:
Your design can even be retained so that you can reuse it them on the same site or for some other site. The user can save their content in the content editor option of WordPress and they do have access to their data anytime. It also gives you an option of editing their content live and you can also use the themes and those themes are easy are simple to use.

Codes and implication:
The coding of the module is good with WordPress and can be refreshed by the most recent perusing necessities. The effectiveness of the module can be dictated by how rapidly and successfully the module gets the order and capacities on it (which involves seconds). Another advantage is that the module does not impede the capacities or the speed of the sites. Be that as it may, this is just conceivable after the right enhancement of the CSS documents has been connected.

One verifiable nature of the developer is that it can be gotten to through various expansions. The most widely recognized has been said beneath:
Beaver Themer
⦁ Extreme Beaver Add-ons


Beaver Builder Pricing Plans:

Beaver Builder offers three enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from. These are the plans, select the best plan for your business:
⦁ $99/yr.-Billed Annually
⦁ For Small WordPress Site And Theme
⦁ Unlimited Sites
⦁ Page Builder Plugin
⦁ World-Class Support for 1 Year
⦁ Premium Modules & Templates
⦁ $199/yr. – Billed Annually
⦁ Take Full Control Of Your Website
⦁ Unlimited Sites
⦁ Page Builder Plugin
⦁ World-Class Support for 1 Year
⦁ Premium Modules & Templates
Beaver Builder Theme
⦁ Multisite Capable
⦁ $399/yr. – Billed Annually
⦁ Best Experience For You And Your Clients
⦁ Unlimited Sites
⦁ Page Builder Plugin
⦁ World-Class Support for 1 Year
⦁ Premium Modules & Templates
Beaver Builder Theme
⦁ Multisite Network Settings
⦁ White Labeling

⦁ Guarantee and Discount options:

The plugin comes with the money back guarantee within a month of purchase if the plugin causes any issue after the purchase it can be renewed at a discount of 40% off on all renewals.

After sale services:

If the user has any kind of queries regarding this they will be provided with the assistance of team support of the builder.

Beaver Builder Page Pros and Cons
⦁ It is user-friendly
⦁ A decent collection of page templates
⦁ It has the ability to save templates
⦁ Can use on unlimited sites
⦁ Save modules and rows to reuse
⦁ Efficient support channels available
⦁ Limited modules
⦁ Limited customization
⦁ Limited design flexibility
⦁ Constant loading


I might want to assume that the Beaver Builder module is an individual suggestion for the clients since it gives assistance and support in the creation and expansion of sites. The WordPress module can change the format and outlines of the sites and can be moved according to the necessities of the client. Moreover, the module is less demanding and more straightforward for taking care of and is a helpful source to depend on. For additionally inquiries and remarks, the client can get in touch with us beneath.


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